The idea behind puznd

Social interaction between people are in decline, not only since the PC was introduced around four decades ago. Most of the communication nowadays isn’t face-to-face, it’s communication in a messenger such as WhatsUp or even social media like Facebook. Sometimes important topics about a social relationship are ignored or not spoken out. puznd mission is to give your social relationship the extra kick. Arguing about and raise important topics that might have been forgotten or swept under the carpet otherwise. puznd is not a replacement for a good debate with your friend or partner. It only delivers you the topics to discuss and some insights into those topics.
Concerning the insights, you’ll see several dimensions in your puznd e.g. size, angle and color of the word. And in the background there are the wishes and memories (different color). All this together can unfold new aspects of your social relationship which can be topics to discuss.
How to gather these insights or what you have to do in the puznd App. First of all you and your partner/friend choose up to 6 topics which will be included into the questionnaire for both, you’ll have to sort all the topics after importance. This will impact the size of the word in your partner or friends puznd and vice versa. After that you have to judge on those topics.
1. Judge or estimate yourself on the topic in regards to your social relationship
2. Judge or estimate your partner or friend on the topic in regards to your social relationship
3. Judge or estimate on the development over the course of your social relationship
Your 1. and your partner’s or friend’s 2. will define the color of your puznd and vice versa.
The 3. will define the angle of your partner or friends puznd and vice versa.
In the next step you define the memories, you and your partner or friend have in common, and the wishes you have for your partner. The memories will be merged and shown on both puznd as background words (if there are only a few, those will be duplicated). The wishes will be shown in your partner or friends puznd and vice versa.
The result will be a multi-dimensional chart which can be customized (shape, fonts, colors) as you like. In the end you can add a slogan to your or your partner/friends puznd and export it in PNG or SVG format or print it on a mug (US only).
We hope that puznd can help you to find blind spots in your social relationship and encourage discussions about those topics.