Couple of years back I had been playing with the idea of getting self-employed, I have to admit that I was dreaming about that ever since I was a child. Still working at a major Swiss bank as a requirements engineer at that time (boredom^2), I grasped the infinite variations a word cloud could offer. I have been imagined endless dimensions, endless possibilities of data combinations, and all of that in 2D!
puznd was born, kind of self-fulfilling prophecy or destiny, you could choose one of them. The word puznd is an ambigram, if you rotate it by 180 degrees it’s the same word again. I was always impressed about the perfect shape, perfect game or word ever since I came in touch with fractals and the Mandelbrot Set in high school. puznd also relates to 2 x “puz” whereas puz is the piece of the puzzle, and you have to find the 2 “nd” puz.
Now, after over one year of hard work, we are ready for prime time. Whatever puzzle the future holds for us, we are prepared and eager to find that missing puz! For you and your relationship or friendship, for us.
Fingers crossed,
Founder of Odermatt puznd EF