We visualize social relationships to enhance communication!

US Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign planned go live on the March 31st, 2018.


Puznd´s mission!

● We unfold important conversation topics in social relationships
● We strengthen the sense of unity in social relationships
● We improve the awareness and self-reflection regarding social relationships
● We build long-term social relationships
● We create a daily ritual for social relationships with our stylish puznd mugs

What is puznd?

Puznd offers the first mobile app which features a guided, easy to use, and free of charge analysis for social relationships. All findings are accessible at a glance in a customizable, multi-dimensional chart which can be imprinted on a mug. The chart reveals important conversation topics – like shared values, memories and wishes – to enhance communication.
Do you realize the various aspects of your social relationship or do you overlook them and live pointless groundhog days?
If you don’t know the movie Groundhog Day (1993) – have a look here!
The puznd chart unfolds important topics, wishes and memories of your social relationship – let´s say goodbye to groundhog days and move forward hand in hand!

How to create a puznd?

Please find here what steps are required inside the mobile app in order to create the puznds dedicated to your social relationship. 
Keep in mind, the entire analysis will be completely free of charge!

Establish a sense of unity!

The multi-dimensional chart encourages to talk more about your social relationship. Because it reveals new insights, provokes self-reflection and helps to find blind spots.
Are you ready to create a everyday ritual in your social relationship with our stylish puznd mugs?

Why puznd does Crowdfunding?

Puznd’s idea of visualizing connections is almost universally applicable. So far we focus on relationships and friendships. The puznd app will be available exclusively in the US app stores (Android & iOS). We hope to find an enthusiastic crowd who loves our idea and help us to make puznd even more valuable. Get to know more details about the story behind puznd – read here the founder´s story.
We are looking forward to your support during our crowdfunding campaign in March 2018!

Here a preview of rewards which are waiting for you…

US App stores
The puznd one timer (get 50% off!)
Once-only data export of your personal puznd in PNG or SVG data formats.
US App stores
The puznd lifetimer (get 33% off!)
Unlimitited puznd export capabilities in PNG and SVG data formats.
Only for US citizens
The puznd mug print (get 25% off!)
Two mugs imprinted with personal puznds inclusive standard shipping within US.*
* unlimited export capabilities in PNG or SVG format included for that particular puznd
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